Video of All Mayor Candidates Event Hosted by Rural Design

IF YOU MISSED THE EVENT, you can watch the video!

Community group Rural Redesign is hosted a special Mayoral candidates meeting for Hope Township residents on

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19th from 2 PM to 4 PM at the Ganaraska Forest Centre at 10585 Cold Springs Camp Road.

“The purpose of the meeting is to provide an opportunity for Hope Township residents to ask questions specific to their rural issues.

The basic meeting format will begin with introductions, and then each candidate will be given an opportunity to make a 3-minute presentation followed by a 5-minute Q&A period by Hope Township residents for that candidate.

Once all of the candidates have spoken, the floor will be opened to Hope Township residents for the next 30 minutes to direct a question to any or all candidates.

Ward 1 residents are welcome to attend, with the understanding their participation will be delayed until the floor is opened to all residents for the final 25 minutes of the Q&A segment.

Because of the limited time available, strict adherence to the meeting format and ground rules will be required of all candidates and members of the public.”