About Port Hope Community Groups

Thanks for visiting PortHopeCommunityGroups.org – as the web address implies, it’s a site about Port Hope Community Groups.

There’s never a dull moment in Port Hope and what makes the municipality so vibrant is its community groups and impassioned residents who are always ready to take on an issue which they feel will improve life in the community

The site is a work in progress. PortHopeCommunityGroups.org will eventually include info about all the local Port Hope community groups.

There are lots of current issues in Port Hope that have people fired up, including:  Area Rating Taxation; Rural Redesign‘s petition for Ward 2 to leave the Municipality of Port Hope; Entech-REM’s proposal to build an incinerator in west Port Hope;  the fire station relocation plan to close two fire stations, the Municipal Official Plan Review, and the list goes on.

In addition to covering local community groups in Port Hope, this website will also cover the issues that concern Port Hope residents in both Ward 1 and Ward 2(formerly Hope Township), including the upcoming municipal election this fall. So bookmark the site, and participate!