Video: Reaction to Council’s area rating tax increases, Oct. 21

(Note: The video above is from CHEX-TV. The text below is not.)

In the largest room available for such a meeting, at the Port Hope Rec Centre, hundreds of residents gathered on October 21st to express their concerns with Council’s proposed options for distributing tax burden across both Wards. This CHEX video captures some of the reactions to council’s area rating tax increases.

One Response

  1. Gus DeKking

    The time for taxation reckoning is here. Now lets see a proper assessment of taxation, based on real analysis of data, using actual numbers over time, with a common understanding of needs. Lets recognize our differences and factor them in. If not, then we will have it decided by the province. Take your choice. Deferring the inevitable adds to the animosity level, and Ward 2 will be the bigger loser, like the guy who thinks ward 2 pot holes are killing the quality of life in ward 2. Pure nonsense.