Video of Ian Angus of Port Hopers for Fair Taxes explaining the Superior Court of Ontario Judgement on the Hope Township LLRW Trust Fund, at a public press conference held July 13, 2016 at the Lions Centre in ‪#‎PortHope‬

(Credit: Chris Pelletier of

2 Responses

  1. Catherine Dewar

    I think it is suspect to say that the cost of the “roads et al” in Ward 2 justifies any increases in taxes. On any given winter day, I leave my home on uncleared roads that are frequently still uncleared when I return home in the evening. This includes no salting/sanding when they are cleared. During ice storms that we often have each winter, there has been no attempt at salting or sanding and I have been stranded at home because of it. When I was able to get out during one such storm in order to get groceries, by the time I hit Port Hope proper, theroads there had been salted and sanded including side streets.

  2. Catherine Dewar

    How do we stop the Municipality from excess tax increases to Ward 2 (as in past year(s) and a corresponding reduction tax for Ward 1. The lack of impact of increases to Ward 2 that will be offset by the LLRW, may be a rude awakening if the Trust is not renewable at the 21 year mark and we then have to pay those huge tax bills?