Video: CHEX TV News Report on Port Hopers For Fair Taxes Event

News Video of Port Hopers for Fair Taxes Oct. 28 event and Area Tax Rating Issue in Port Hope, Ontario. Courtesy of CHEX-TV

2 Responses

  1. John Cullen

    Residents of the former Hope Township owe Ian, Rick, and Bill a debt of gratitide for their dedication and many long hours spent in investigative research with little assistance or cooperation from municipal staff. After Council’s “presentation” on 21Oct2013 Ward 2 residents were left picking the wool out of their eyes until the DOCUMENTED truth was presented on 28Oct2013.

    To suggest Ward 2 residents have “equal access” to Ward 1 facilities is ridiculous. Has anyone ever looked at a map?

    Council’s Area Rating proposal is a perfect illustration of why the 2001 amalgamation was, is, and will always be a horribly misguided decision forced upon Hope Township.

    Even if we are successful in blocking this latest unwarranted tax grab (and God help us because even Councilor Greg Burns may not be able to win this one) the greater issue here is our bleak future with a perpetual 4:2 Council minority, always leaving us to wonder “okay; what’s next?”

    After 13 years I’m tired of constantly being on defensive for issues that directly affect Ward 2 (e.g. taxes, policing, speed limits, roads maintenance, etc.) when we have little say on the issue.

    We need to de-amalgamate from Port Hope ASAP, let them deal with their own issues and taxes, and let everyone move on.

    We got along much better as municipal neighbours than we have as an amalgamated municipality.

  2. Michelle Houston

    I can’t believe this is happening. We can’t even get the potholes out here fixed properly. We are last to get the roads cleared of snow. Why should we foot the bill for more amenities for people who live in town? We spend more on gas to get to town to do our shopping etc. This is not a democracy here. I don’t know how they expect us to afford such a jump in taxes. We do have other bills to pay and paying more for taxes puts us over the top. It’s a very sad and unfair thing to do to people.