Rural Redesign forms and starts petition

Rural Redesign was formed by a group of residents in Ward 2 in the Municipality of Port Hope.  Ward 2 is  what was formerly Hope Township prior to the 2001 amalgamation of Hope Township and the Town of Port Hope which created the amalgamated Municipality of Port Hope.

The group’s  initial poster below outlines the primary 9 reasons why “It’s time to take back control of our rural community and preserve our chosen rural values and lifestyle.”  The flyer also gives details of Rural Design’s first public event to be held at the Ganaraska Forest Centre on January 22, 2014.

It appears that although discontent had been simmering in the rural community for 13 years since amalgamating with the Town of Port Hope, that it was a recently proposed 46.9% municipal tax increase in Ward 2 is what finally drove Ward 2 residents over the edge and into Rural Redesign.


Rural Redesign - Port Hope Ward 2 De-amalgamation petition