Port Hope Ontario area rating survey results

Area Rating Survey Results in Numerical Tabulation

Numerical Tabulation of the January 2014 Area Rating Survey

Ratepayers and residents submitted 818 responses to the Area Rating survey that was circulated by Council in January.  About one third of the responses came in from Ward 1 and two thirds came in from Ward 2.

As of the afternoon of February 18th, all of the submitted surveys are available for download from the Municipality’s website, www.porthope.ca, within the Area Rating/Taxation Review section.

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on the evening of February 18th, Rick Austin, Chair of the General Government and Finance Committee confirmed that a numerical tabulation of the survey results was not included in the Staff report that was presented to the Committee.  Committee members had perused the 3,800 pages of individual surveys, independently.

At that point in the Q&A session, Port Hopers for Fair Taxes offered the Committee a three-page set of survey tabulations, compiled by Port Hopers for Fair Taxes on February 18th and based on 444 surveys that were downloaded from the Municipal website.  One page of the results is for both of the wards combined, one page is for Ward 1, and one page is for Ward 2.

The tabulations cover all of the 29 services/departments that the ratepayers responded to in the survey. (Note: the report presented by Staff to COW on Feb. 18th  had lumped the 29 services/departments into 17.)

Download the Area Rating Survey tabulations here.