How to Contact the Municipality of Port Hope

Let your elected officials know your opinion. What are you for and what are you against? Make suggestions for improvement in the delivery of, and type of,  services that your tax dollars pay for.

Contact Info for the Mayor and Councillors of Municipality of Port Hope:

  • MAYOR Bob Sanderson
    Town Hall
    56 Queen Street, Port Hope
  • Deputy Mayor Greg Burns
  • Councillor Les Andrews
  • Councillor Louise Ferrie-Blecher
  • Councillor Terry Hickey
  • Councillor Jeff Lees
  • Councillor Robert Polutnik 

    Phone numbers are available on the Port Hope council web site

TIP: To email all councillors at once, copy and paste the following line into your email “TO: ” field:,,,,,,,

Municipal Staff Contact Information:

Carl Cannon – Chief Administrative Officer (905) 885-4544
David Baxter – Director of Finance, (905) 885-4544 or

Complete List of Municipality of Port Hope Staff Contact Info

Contact the Municipality of Port Hope by Mail:

Mailing address for Municipality of Port Hope Mayor and Councillors:

Town Hall, Municipality of Port Hope
56 Queen St.,
Port Hope, ON
L1A 3Z9

Phone: (905) 885-4544
Fax: (905) 885-7698

Monday to Friday – 8:30 to 4:30